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Top Hair Trends for 2022

Top Hair Trends for 2022

Mid Length Bob Haircuts

First on our list is the mid-length bob. It has slowly been making its way back and its here to stay in 2022. The line for this haircut falls just above the shoulders and beneath the chin. collective. hairstylist Mia Pelch says, “I always find my inspiration from the runways of the big fashion brands. Shorter bobs have been a thing on several of the shows including Chanels.”


collective. Award- Winning Stylist Charlie Francis thinks that wispy bangs are not going anywhere yet and blunt ones are more than welcome in 2022. She adds that ‘wispy bangs can add softness & movement to long thick hair, meanwhile blunt bangs can add that edge to your cute bob!’ 

90’s Layers

Last year we saw the 90’s making their way back and this year 90’s hair is still coming back strong. Long 90’s layers will definitely be popular this year as a way of adding volume, movement and shape. 

Natural and Effortless Hair

Post-pandemic, we noticed a lot of lower maintenance hair coming back. People love the idea of less is more. This comes to hair colours which blend more into natural growth, and/or, just an elevated gloss over ones natural hair. 

Bouncy Blowouts

Last year was all about the curtain fringe and while many of us have perfected it, we’re now stepping it up a notch with how we style it. We’re talking rollers and big round brushes instead of undone beach waves.

One Dimensional Colours

We have seen a shift through the years from chunky highlights, to more subtle highlights to extremely subtle balayage last year. This year one-dimensional colour will make its way back. People love the idea of having a more natural approach to life including their colour. According to expert Kimmy Soleimani, many celebrities have already been seen going back to their dark and glossy locks.