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Three Products to Help Maintain Your Blonde at Home

It’s no secret that blonde hair is high maintenance both inside and outside of salon which is why we asked our experts what you can do at home to help keep it fresh and make it last. Below are the three products to help maintain your blonde at home:

1. Olaplex Purple Shampoo 

Color enhancing and color correcting shampoos are meant to cancel out any brassiness in your hair. Over time, and quite naturally, blonde hair tends to reveal more brassy undertones. Keeping a color enhancing shampoo in your shower is one of the easiest ways to maintain your tone.

2. Batiste Blonde Dry Shampoo

Washing your hair less is proven to help colour last longer. Since toners are semi-permanent colours, this means each wash will cause your blonde to fade out and become brassier. Wash your hair less often and use products such as dry hair shampoo. Batiste is highly recommended by our experts.

3. Pure Blu shower filter 

Washing our hair in harsh waters is one of the fastest ways to strip hair colour. In most countries in our region, the water is very harsh. It results in our hair drying out and therefore losing colour rapidly. Investing in a shower filter is something everyone should do once they move here — especially if they have coloured hair.