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The Best Dry Hair Shampoo Hacks

The Best Dry Hair Shampoo Hacks

1. Spray Dry Hair Shampoo into your hair before working out 

Dry hair shampoo actually works to soak up any excess oils from your scalp. When using it prior to working out, it can actually help prevent sweat and oil from appearing on your scalp. This way you don’t have to wash your hair after every single work out which is better for your hair health, as natural oils are something we don’t want to strip.

2. Use your product the night before instead of the morning of

Many of us are used to applying dry hair shampoo after we get ready and right before we head out the door. If you actually spray it into the roots of your hair the night before and sleep on it, you’re allowing the product to soak up more natural oils and really do its job.

3. Use it directly after styling for a volume boost.

While many of us use dry hair shampoo for the sole purpose of absorbing oils from our scalps, what many of us don’t know is that it’s the best product to boost volume into your fine hair. Directly after styling, apply this product into your roots and just look at the difference it makes!

4. Wait a minute before massaging it into your roots.

Directly after spraying the product, let it sit on the strands of your hair prior to massaging it into the roots. This is simply going to allow the product to really do its job.