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How To Get The Quintessential High Fashion Wet Hair Look

We have seen the slicked-back wet look on the red carpet several times. It’s the haute runway staple for fashion houses such as Burberry and Haider Ackermann — and it’s definitely no surprise to the streets of Fashion Week. Unlike what you may think, you don’t necessarily need a glam squad to prep you up. Here are three pro tips from international celebrity hairstylist and the power woman behind collective. hair, Deena Alawaid, who has become synonymous for her A-list worthy hairstyles.

1- Start when its still wet

Find your parting and work from there. Start with damp hair as it makes it easier to see what kind of look you’re going for and exactly how you’ll set it. Alawaid likes going in with  Queen For A Day spray from TIGI to prep the hair. Spray some thoroughly between the layers and dry into place.  Here’s a tip: get the volume in during this step as the spray will really lock it in.

      1. Add the right texture 

When it comes to the wet look it’s actually very versatile. It can be straight, wavy or even curly. Put your texture in at this step and before proceeding with any heavy products. 

2- Pick the right hair products

When it comes to hair gels, most are water based which means the second humidity hits, your style will disappear and your natural texture will start to reappear — we don’t want that. Alawaid actually avoids gels for her technique on achieving the wet look. Her go to products for shine are Pop and Lock by COLORWOW and forceful 23 by Redken.

3- Focus on correct product application

To get your wet hair look right, get ready to apply a good amount of product, especially at the roots. For the bottom half of the hair Alawaid uses forceful 23 and her Dyson supersonic on cold hair to set the heavy parts (the crown down). She then proceeds to apply a generous amount of Pop and Lock in 1” sections throughout the hair and making her way up the head. This product is great for ultimate shine and lasts all night without feeling to constantly reapply product.

4 – pay attention to the details 

Alawaid says ‘the baby hairs may seem small but when it comes to high fashion hair, the small details go a long way’. If the baby hairs are frizzy or dry it defeats the purpose of a wet look. Alawaid likes using cantu strong gold edge control and a tooth brush to Slick back all baby hairs. She finishes off her look with shine spray from COLORWOW.