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How To: Get The Perfect Ponytail

Global celebrity hairstylist Deena Alawaid sits down with us to discuss all things ‘ponytails’. What seems so simple is one of her highly requested hairstyles both inside and outside of the salon. There’s a lot of things that come with attempting this hairstyle such as bumps, flyaways and positioning. Deena has rounded up her top tips and tricks to help us master this.

What You’ll Need: bungee with hook or cord, hairspray, boar bristle brush, toothbrush

Step 1: blow-dry your roots straight up and into the direction of where your ponytail will sit. Deena Alawaid says the best tip is for you to flip you head over and use your boar bristle brush as well as your blow dryer to direct your roots upwards. 

Step 2: Deena’s top tip and one that she always teaches clients is to not try to tie your hair all up at once — divide it up into sections. Part your hair from ear to ear and brush it very smoothly using your brush and hairspray; once there are no bumps then tie it up using a hair tie.

Step 3: now that you have your first section tied up, you can complete the look. You’re going to use your boar bristle brush and hair spray and add the rest of your hair into the ponytail. You can join the two sections together with another hair tie.

Step 4: Now that you have both sections placed together into one, you want to secure it and make sure it doesn’t move – do this using a bungee elastic with a hook. 

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Something Alawaid takes from working backstage fashion week is that the best way to make any ponytail seem polished is by covering the elastic with some hair.  Take a small section of hair from beneath your ponytail, spray it and wrap it around the elastic to cover it — spray with hairspray and hit it with a cool shot of air to secure it.