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How to Get Rid of Your Cowlick

How to Get Rid of Your Cowlick

Your haircut and style go hand in hand when trying to tame cowlicks. Shoulder length layers or textured waves will help disguise your cowlick. For shorter cuts, apply a styling product for a long-lasting hold. Using a no crease clip can hold the stubborn section of cowlick in place after heat styling while it’s still hot so the hair can cool down and set in place.

Styling your hair with a blow dryer can manage the direction of the cowlick while using a wax stick to smooth down the edges will maintain your style without weighing down your hair and would add shine for the final look.

Here are the three wax sticks we recommend for taming your Cowlicks effectively.

1. Collective wax stick- “This product is created to help control flyaways and baby hairs. It can be used alone or with a toothbrush to really set it in place. Focusing on hair health, we used ingredients to help prevent hair loss, dandruff, breakage and protect from UV rays all whilst maintaining our signature collective. scent.” – collective haircare


2. Bed Head by Tigi Hair Wax Stick for Strong Hold -Tigi bed head hair stick creates texture and style with strong hold.


3. She is Bomb Collection Hair Wax Stick -“She Is Bomb Collection Blending Wax Stick is designed to create that sleek finished look that completes any hairstyle without the white build up.” -Unibeaty.