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Stylist Approved Hair Treatments

Stylist Approved Hair Treatments

Our hair is probably one of the most overlooked and under-cared for part of us. Most people invest in treatments for their bodies and skin but tend to forget about their hair. Just like everything else, it’s crucial to invest in treatments for your hair. 

Here are our stylists approved hair treatments for both in and out of the salon.

1. Olaplex Step 3 and 6

Keeping up with at home treatments is the easiest way to keep your hair treated and not break the bank. Our experts recommend Olaplex Step 3 (mask) and 6 (leave-in conditioner). Each bottle should last a few months and will make sure your hair is moisturized and all bonds are treated prior to your next salon visit.

2. Protein Treatments

Protein treatments are the best salon hair treatments for damaged hair. Many women choose them for restoring their dry brittle hair and boosting its growth. Protein helps to prevent breakage and reinforce the structure of the hair strand by filling in weak and damaged areas. The effect will last 4-6 weeks.

3. Clarifying Treatments 

A lot of people don’t know this but our hair constantly collect build up fro product, chemical (if you swim a lot) and natural oils. This results in our hair developing an outer layer which overtime effects the quality of our hair. It’s recommended to use a clarifying treatment.

4. Professional Toning Treatments

If you want to get rid of any unwanted brassy tones, or simple add shine to your hair, try a toner treatment in a salon. This is a very popular salon treatment which only adds toner over your existing colour rather than permanently altering it. It doesnt technically treat it, instead it only takes your hair look shinier and healthier.